We are delighted to announce that The Nave will be taking part in Ugly Ducks exhibition Anamorphic Wave – http://uglyduck.org.uk/portfolio_page/in-transition/ as part of their In transition programme.

The Nave will exhibiting ‘$HAME’

$HAME, is an installation on money and social change.

The 7×15 foot installation of a ten pound note, draws you in intoxicating beauty but when you venture inside you get to see the dark background behind what we choose to spend our money on.

The Installation details:

We are creating a rectangular installation in the shape of a ten pound note.

We will create a wooden frame with walls made out of ply wood (1220mm wide x 2440mm high)

The walls will have two boards side to side on each end and 4 boards on either side.

And at each end of the installation there are doors. One to enter at the front and two you can exit from at the back.

The outside of the installation is covered in a mosaic of broken mirror.

The mosaic makes the shape of a ten pound note on one either side of the installation. It is to allow users to see themselves in the money. Enticing them to photograph and share their themselves, getting caught in the beauty before venturing within.

Once you enter the note through the front door. You enter the room of shame.

The Frame, ceiling and floors are red. The roof is made of red flowing fabric moving slightly, making the space darker and confined. The red lined floor symbolising a red carpet that leads you through the installation to a screen at the back.

As you walk through the installation, The walls are lined with TVs of different shapes and sizes, playing The Nave films.  These films touch on topics of corporate influence, media, Beauty, homelessness and sustainability.   In-between the TVs, Art works from members of The Nave and all sorts of shameful items – including plastic, beauty products and advertisements fill up all corners calling your eyes everywhere. The endless media and messaging will leave attendees feeling shamed and overwhelmed.

When they reach the end of the red carpet there a screen and before they are allowed to leave, they are asked to make a choice.

Will you decide to exit through the right door to make a change or the left door to do nothing?

If they choose to leave through the right door they get to sign up to The Nave Campaign and make a sustainable change. They can monitor the success of the campaign and they have change they have made online @ www.thenave.co.



We are looking for artists to join our core team to collaborate and bring this installation piece to life!

How we will work together..

  • Mosiacing
  • Painting
  • Coming up with ideas to dress the ‘shame room’
  • Collaborating with the team
  • Exhibiting your own theme related works (if you would like to)
  • Sharing links on social media related to the piece.
  • Having the craic

You do not need to know how to do this is advance. We will be able to teach you. 😊


We are open to ideas so depending of what you are as a creative we could get you involved so if in doubt get in touch. But we are defo looking for photographers, Videographers, Social Media Peeps and just general support with production. All are welcome to apply 🙂


The build will be happening on the weekends between now and the exhibition date 11th April. We will be building on Saturdays and Sundays @ Napier Works, 57-63 Napier Rd, E6 2SG. You are not obligated to attend every weekend . Just to advise in advance of the days you can do.

We are making a documentary of the build so everyone would have content, imagery from the build as well as the exhibition.

No one is being paid for this project.

If you are interested in joining us you can let us know on the submissions page or email us at info@thenave.co


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