How Can Creatives Work Together to Create Social Change?

Very excited to announce that we are hosting our first in a series of regular monthly meetings at our North London Office:

How Can Creatives Work Together to Create Social Change?

The goal for the meeting is to get our collective meeting regularly and discussing the type of projects we are interested in, ones that inspire us and the wider world.

Is change possible through art ? We think so. Art has power but we want to work out the answers of how to do this together with the wider NAVI movement so we have opened this space for dialogue around this topic.

A lot of people are already working on projects with similar themes and it gives a space for possible collaborations to form, advise and support opportunities or if nothing more, just and inspiring evening to be around like-minded creatives.

If you are want to know further details feel free to contact us at or just take a leap to and come down and enjoy:

Monthly Meet Up – North London


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